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Your Home Worth A Thousand Interior Design Awards


The Best Gift for Your Home

Beautiful, functional spaces aren’t the results of guesswork. They take a great deal of knowledge and planning. That's because your home is unique. 

We have spent decades learning what works and what doesn't. Will that piece of furniture leave enough space without compromising your comfort? Won't that light fixture be too harsh and irritate you? We take all of this and more into account.

We ensure that you are making the best use of each square inch. That’s the reason we aren’t afraid to say we are the best gift for your home.


A Better You - Everyday

Your personal growth should begin with your home. We strive to transform your home into an environment that encourages comfort, peace, and relaxation.

We turn it into a personal sanctuary that gives you a break from the busyness and noise of everyday life.

A Productive You

Whether you need to bang out a report for your next meeting or your kids want to do their homework, we'll give you a home that lets you get things done. No need to fuss around looking for an outlet. Or an ideal location for your desk. Or try to block out the noise. Or find the ideal amount of light.  


We take all these things into consideration.


Show Your Sense of Style

Your home has to be stylish and attractive. We pay special attention to things like color, placement, selection of artwork, furniture, and more - all to ensure that your home stands out - and we have won awards for it.


So the next time you want to invite people into your home, you can be proud of the space you call your own.

Worth Every Penny

Don't buy into the myth that hiring an interior designer is expensive. If anything, you actually save money (and yourself a headache).


That piece of furniture that was so elegant in the shop but doesn't look the same in your home or takes up too much space? Or a light fixture that doesn't make your home any brighter than a bear's cave?


We can save you from these costly mistakes. Along with the frustrations they bring.  

Piggyback On Us to Your Dream Home

We have an exhaustive list of vendors that sell furniture, cabinets, and other building materials at affordable prices. We also give recommendations for plumbers, tile installers, electricians, etc.


Save yourself the labor of searching for (and vetting) dealers or contractors on your own. Tap into the thousands of hours of experience we have put in the industry.


"Marina is very energetic and passionate about her work. She is open to new ideas and works well with the needs of the client"

—  M. Belani

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