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Design Process

How We Do Our Work

Our design process is divided into 4 distinct phases:

Design Process

Design Process

Introductory Consultation

While we love to toot our own horn on how good we are at interior designing, we can't read minds. We have to ask you a bunch of questions to get a crystal-clear picture of that beautiful home you have in mind.


We call this the Introductory Consultation.


We'll share our own ideas to perfect what you provided and give you a ballpark estimate on how much the project might cost.

Preliminary Design

This is where the real fun begins. Taking all your ideas into consideration, we create design concepts, considering such factors as the best utilization of your space, light, noise, function, etc.


We measure your house, create the existing floor plan, and develop options for proposed floor plans as well as hand-drawn or computer-aided 3D Presentations.

Design Development

This is where your design is finalized and polished using computer programs. Typically, there are several meetings to make sure we have all the details. The design is then submitted for approval at the Planning Department if necessary.


After that, we finalize the selection of materials, windows, doors, cabinetry, plumbing, and lighting fixtures, while not forgetting colors and furnishings.


You have a chance to request changes at any stage.

Remodeling Documents

Your design is translated into technical language and put into remodeling documents (consisting of architectural plans, structural plans, civil plans, landscape plans, interior design plans, specifications, energy calculations, etc.) as required to obtain a building permit.


We coordinate the consultants, submit the documents for a building permit and respond to any comments raised.

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